About us

  • Sanifinas, JSC is producer and wholesaler of toys. The company was founded in 1996. Since then, Sanifinas has more than 25 years of experience in this field.
    The main goal of the company is to bring to the market a carefully selected range of toys. We follow simple criteria:

    • Toys must meet all safety and quality requirements.
    • The assortment must keep pace with global trends (MEMOs) and fashion.
    • The range is carefully selected for group of each age
    • The assortment consists of various categories: soft toys, board games, puzzles, educational and training sets, outdoor toys, seasonal goods.
    • Toys are produced mainly in Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, and a small part in China.

    Company "Sanifinas" is known not only in Lithuania, but also internationally. The company exports its products to Europe, and also has a good reputation for its quality and services abroad.

    The mission of "Sanifinas", JSC is to give joy to children. We aim for children to learn while paying to communicate, develop their imagination and fine motor skills, get to know emotions, be active physically and spend as little time in front of screens as possible. For parents, educational institutions or professionals who work with children, we try to become a resource from which they can quickly get ideas and tools to help children grow and develop, and spend time with children.
    Our high storage warehouse in Vilnius accommodates about 2,000 SKUs, which we supply to chains, electronic stores, and specialized stores.
    “Sanifinas" strives to be a socially responsible company. We participate in projects, which are dedicated to children's active recreation and children's education, and we are also sponsors of the SKM basketball team SKM-I funtastik.lt.